Tattoo Colors – Pat Gauthier’s Influence on Cosmetic Tattoo Colors

Cosmetic Tattooing
Tattoos have been an important part of cultures around the world for centuries. Tattoos are a popular way for people to express individuality and customize the look of their bodies. Cosmetic tattooing is a relatively new advancement that combines both the tattooing industry and the beauty industry.
Today, cosmetic tattooing is commonly used for the following areas:
  • Face
  • Lips
  • Eyebrows
  • Eyelids
  • Breasts (on scarring from breast reconstruction as well as areola coloring)
  • Any scarring or discolored skin
When cosmetic tattooing was first practiced, the industry suffered due to a lack of quality pigments and colors. This produced poor initial results or results that deteriorated over time. Cosmetic tattooing is also commonly referred to as permanent makeup. Thanks to the breakthroughs in cosmetic tattooing pigments and colors, it is more popular than ever before.
One of the major reasons why the use of permanent makeup continues to grow around the world is the large number of cosmetic tattooing colors available today. This makes it possible for people to choose permanent makeup as a means to replace actual makeup as well as to correct problems with the skin.
It is easy to take for granted the huge variety of safe and effective cosmetic tattoo colors that are available today. Much of the work done to improve permanent makeup pigments is credited to Pat Gauthier.
Revolutionizing Cosmetic Tattooing Pigments
Pat Gauthier has worked extremely hard to change the way people use tattoo pigments in the permanent makeup industry. She has dedicated many years to developing a wide range of tattoo colors made from the safest pigments that interact in the best possible way with most skin types.
She has worked extensively with some of the top chemists and laboratories across the globe in order to develop a line of tattooing pigments composed of FDA approved ingredients. Pat Gauthier's company, the Micro-Pigmentation Centre, currently offers an amazing selection of 56 different colors. This includes a Signature Series of pigments that are designed to be used for common makeup uses as well as a Constructive Series that helps patients to correct common skin problems.
The large array of cosmetic tattoo colors developed by Pat Gauthier makes permanent makeup appealing to a wider arrange of people worldwide. There are colors and shades available that can make a bold statement as well as other colors that are much more subtle to enhance natural beauty.
Educating the Industry
One of the most important things Pat Gauthier continues to do is to educate people in the permanent makeup industry. The Micro-Pigmentation Centre not only manufactures and distributes the lineup of tattooing pigments, but the facility also provides thorough courses and workshops on the latest procedures and color theories.
In addition to her influence on the course materials and instructors at the facility, she also travels around the world attending guest speaking appearances and meeting with plastic surgeons.
While she has had a major role in changing the tattoo colors and pigments used in the industry, Pat Gauthier also continues to change other important elements of permanent makeup including the techniques and equipment used for the procedures.
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